About Us

Wangarua Foods is an Indigenous Company, fully registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission. The Company was founded by a Woman who is passion driven, goal oriented and vision minded about the service of humanity through food processing and Aims to become the No 1 food brand across Africa.

The company produces hygienic, safe and healthy food commodities for consumers. Today, Wangarau Foods is a Major Company in the Business of African food commodities with a large varieties of hygienic food commodities processed and packaged in a hygienic environment (factory), ready to satisfy consumers all around the world.

Wangarau Foods is registered with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

Wangarau Foods products are also registered with National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

Our Company is a Leading distributor of African Food commodities to the US, Australia, UK, Dubai etc.


Our products are properly handled, processed, packaged and stored in a hygienic environment
Quality control assurance measures are taken for all our products to ensure that they are 100% safe for human consumption
We reduce the lead time in the preparation of food items by sorting food items of all impurities
To offer hygienic African Food Commodities with Convenience
To provide and satisfy consumers with quality and hygienic food commodities.
To provide and satisfy consumers with quality and hygienic food items both locally and internationally.

Wangarau Food Commodities ranges from Wangarau Honey Beans, Wangarau Yellow Garri, Wangarau White Garri, Wangarau Chilli Pepper, Wangarau Hot Pepper, Wangarau Groundnut ( Peanut), Wangarau Bread Fruit, Wangarau Palm oil, Wangarau Roasted Turkey, Wangarau Roasted Snail, Wangarau Cray Fish, Etc

All Wangarau Food products are transformed by Sorting, Sieving, Washing and drying from their raw ingredients (forms) into hygienic processed food commodities

Our raw materials are always carefully sourced. Today 75% of our raw materials are directly sourced from the farm instead of open market. We choose to source most of our raw materials  from the farm because we want to have less contaminated raw materials so that we can have safe and healthy food commodities after processing (production)