Nigerian Snacks That Brings Back Childhood Memories


Who remembers back in those days when we were kids, when we didn’t have to think of anything other than bringing good grades home? When Nigeria was not this difficult to live in. When we only saved money to buy our favourite Nigerian snacks on our way to and from school? or to buy for our friends or just to make our siblings beg us. Good old days! right?
Snacks like Kuli Kuli, Kokoro Egba, Guguru & Epa, Donkwa, Babadudu, Sisi Pelebe and lots more.

Nigerian Snack – KuliKuli (Groundnut or Peanut Cake):

KuliKuli a Nigerian snack for a take out

This is made from groundnut (peanut), its origin is from the Nupe tribe in Nigeria. Also made in the Benin Republic, Northern Cameroon and Ghana, these tasty Nigerian snacks can be combined with other food like drinking Garri, Koko (Pap), and others.

Nigerian Snack -Donkwa (Maize- Peanut balls):

Donkwa Nigerian Snacks for a take out

This snack is also known as Tanfiri, originated from the north is made from maize flour is often confused with kulikuli, but they are quite different.
This savoury snack…and has been well packaged for a take out by If you are yet to taste this snack after a long time, what are you waiting for?

Nigerian Snack – Kokoro:

Kokoro Nigerian Snack for a take out

Oh Kokoro! My crunchy Kokoro! This is one snack I if not many of us enjoyed while growing up. It’s very crunchy and very lovely with a peculiar taste that keeps one wanting more. It is made from corn flour, sugar, cassava flour and rolled up into a stick before deep frying.

Nigerian Snack – Sisi Pelebe:

Sisi Pelebe Nigeian Snack for a take out
Sisi Pelebe

Sisi Pelebe is a proudly Nigerian snack made from groundnut. This is one to be tried by all groundnut lovers.