How To Make Kokoro – Kokoro Recipe – Nigerian Snack


Have you ever stopped to think about how snacks like Kokoro came to be, how it is made and how long it takes to make such delicious snack? If you have, this article will answer your questions.

Kokoro is a popular Nigerian snack that is perfect for the family as a tea time or after dinner snack. It’s good for parties and picnics as well.

This yummy and crunchy snack originated from Abeokuta and is rich in protein, iron, and vitamin A.
This delicious and easy recipe will show you how to make Kokoro in less than 10 minutes in just a few steps.

Wangaraufoods Kokoro snack

What you need

Corn flour
Wheat flour shaftf\


  • Add your cornmeal, sugar, pepper, salt and grated ginger into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  • Pour water into a pot, leave to boil over medium heat and then add the mixed cornmeal, continue to stir and watch it get thicker.
  • When it thickens place the cornmeal in a big bowl, cover and leave to cool completely.
    NOTE: Kokoro can be made in two different shapes: The ring-shaped Kokoro or the long stick shape.
  • Whichever shape you want to make it, once it gets cool, add the remaining cornmeal and knead until smooth.
    Make sure the two ends are thinner than the middle part and the middle part is not too thick.
Crunchy Kokoro Nigerian Snack
  • Take a little, portion by portion and roll in between your palm, you can also roll it on a flat table to get a longer shape.
    NOTE: To avoid breaking while transferring to the hot oil for frying, allow to air dry for a few minutes.
  • Next, heat up enough vegetable oil until hot and fry the rods shaped dough until it hardens and turns golden brown and crunchy to your preference.
    NOTE: After adding it into the hot oil and it turns brown almost immediately, this means the oil is too hot and you should turn down the heat.
  • Remove the Kokoro and place it on a sieve lined with paper towels, to drain excess oil.
    Leave to cool and ENJOY!

Now, here is a little tip for you, Kokoro is best enjoyed with chilled soft drinks, fruit juices, Kunnu or even zobo.

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