How To Make Donkwa – Donkwa Recipe – Nigerian Snack

Wangaraufoods Donkwa

Hey 👋 people! It is with so much excitement this post about a pleasing Nigerian snack is getting to you right now.

So, recently, we have had a lot of people ask us, how can I make the famous Nigerian Donkwa look just like what you sell?

It might be hard to think there will be any Nigerian who doesn’t know what Donkwa is and what it tastes like.

Hmmmmmm🤔, probably only 1 out of every 15 Nigerian doesn’t.

So, for the sake of those who do not know it, here is a quick intro and info on Donkwa.

Wangaraufoods Donkwa
Wangaraufoods Donkwa


Originating from the Northern part of Nigeria, it has been made popular in Lagos by the many northern hawkers and sellers on the streets.

Known for its smooth texture, spicy and savoury taste, Donkwa is solely made with maize and groundnuts(peanuts).

It is also known as Tanfiri, while in English, it is called Maize-peanut balls.

It is easy to look at Donkwa and conclude that it must be hard to prepare, but trust when we say it is indeed very easy to make because it doesn’t require any cooking.

Health Benefits Of Donkwa

You might be asking “what are the health benefits of this snack”, maybe you want to add it to your list of favourites, or maybe you just want to learn how to make it. Donkwa is a rich snack that promotes weight loss, helps boost your memory,

reduce the risk of cancer, regulate blood sugar, and so much more.


Together, we will go on a journey to discover the simple steps 

to follow in making this Nigerian snack called Donkwa.

What You Need

 Wangaraufoods Donkwa
Donkwa WangarauFoods

Cornmeal(made from roasted corn)

Ground Peanut/groundnut OR groundnut powder

Ground Chilli powder (to get the classic donkwa taste)

Ground clove


Groundnut/peanut oil


Steps to follow

Pour the cornmeal, groundnuts, sugar and ground chilli powder into a blender and grind until all the ingredients are well

combined to form a smooth fine powder.

Transfer the fine powder into a large bowl. Then Scoop out some of the powder into a smaller bowl, gradually add drops of water and oil, mix well and mould into balls.

NOTE: Don’t add too much oil or water, so that it doesn’t look soaked or sodden.

AND VOILA! that’s all, simple components matched with simple steps makes this unique snack.

As well known as Donkwa is, it is rare nowadays, and because it is a street snack, most people who sell or hawk it on the street don’t take hygiene and eating safety into consideration.

So you might be thinking, “but where can I get Donkwa”.

You shouldn’t worry because we are here to make available healthy and hygienic Nigerian snacks. That Donkwa is only one click away.

Please🙏🏻🥺, do not hesitate to share your thoughts or ask questions.