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 WANGARAU FOODS (a subsidiary of Wangarau Ventures Int) has been in business for over 3years registered as a trademark to engage in the following business activities: 

  • Processing and packaging of African food commodities for the local and international market.
  • Home shopping of groceries on behalf of our customers. 
  • Firewood roasting of proteins such as beef, Goatmeat, Turkey, Chicken, Guinea Fowl, Snail, etc. .seasoned and spiced to the specifications of our customers. 
  • Sourcing, Branding and packaging of food items for African stores in the diaspora. 
  • Processing of food items for hotels and Restaurants.
  • Packaging of  Nigerian food item Hampers to the specification of our customers.

Having recently expanded our production capacity, we seek to also expand our reach to other states within Nigeria and outside the country. 

 Our products are very fast-moving and they appeal to adults and children alike. 

You can be a part of this multi-billion dollar food industry by enrolling in our Distributorship Program.


  • Distributors enjoy constant rebate. 
  • Free Marketing Training and Tools.
  • Mentions on our social media platforms, website and sales referrals.
  • 10 to 15% Return on Investment (ROI) with a high turnover as is typical of a food business.
  • Adequate product information so you can advise your clients. 
  • Free promotional and marketing tools like digital flyers, etc 


Wholesale Partner: Minimum first order of N200,000 and minimum subsequent order of N150,000 for a 10% Return On Investment. 

Distributor Partner: Minimum order requirement of N500.000 and minimum subsequent order of N400,000 for a 15% Return On Investment. 

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