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Welcome to the Wangarau foods blog, the best place to be whether you are a proud foodie or someone who cares about food in general. Here we shall be sharing with you lots of tips about how to use and prepare so many Nigerian food products cutting across different cultures. We shall also be sharing food and general kitchen hygiene. Most importantly, we shall be keeping you updated about Wangarau Foods, our upcoming events, recent happenings, fun and interactive gist and so much more.

Acknowledging the importance of eating, consuming not just good food but clean and hygienically processed and packed food can not be overemphasized, so we WANGARAU FOODS (a subsidiary of Wangarau Ventures Int) set out with the passion to provide people with the kind of food items that promote good living and health.

As a proudly Nigerian brand, we aim to promote our culture by presenting to people food items from the nations vast collection of food that we have categorized into three, African food Items, Firewood House (Proteins), and Proudly Niaja Snacks all of which comes with a touch of excellence and love for all consumers.

Being in business for over 3years and registered as a trademark, we engage in the processing and packaging of African food commodities for the local and international market, home shopping of groceries on behalf of our customers, firewood roasting of proteins such as Beef, Goatmeat, Turkey, Chicken, Guinea Fowl, Snail, e.t.c .seasoned and spiced to the specifications of our customers.

Based on popular demands, we also source, brand and package food items for African stores in the diaspora, and taking it a step further we engage in the processing of food items for hotels and Restaurants, packaging of  Nigerian food items in Hampers to the specification of our customers.